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Men's jewelry trends have changed dramatically over the past years, and developed from simple wedding, or class rings, to a modern man's opportunity for much greater individual self expression.  There are such a broad and dynamic range of styles available today, and men are expressing their character and style in unique and fantastic ways.  In this article we outline some of the most popular and trending styles in men's jewelry, and highlight some of this year's hottest trends. 

Most Popular Men's Jewelry Types

Whether it's vintage leather bracelets for men, or thick heavy metal rings - we outline the most popular types of men's jewelry below:

Men's Bracelets 

Men's bracelets is one of the areas where some of the most profound developments of personal expression has truly blossomed in recent years.  Today, it is very common to wear multiple bracelets, or to wear multi-banded men's bracelets that make a truly unique statement.  Whether colorful, or muted and kept simple, men's bracelets are one of the most expressive types of jewelry a man can wear, and are often selected as statement pieces of their own.

Men's Rings

Traditionally, men's rings have been worn as symbols of commitment, whether wedding rings, university or graduations rings, or worn to indicate association to specific professional organizations, or even military affiliation.  Today, however, men's rings are worn to express far more than any of those things.  Rings for men are now worn as statements of individual character, or to make more personal statements. 

Men's Necklaces

During the later part of the last century, it became more common for men to wear necklaces, though it hasn't been until more recently that men's necklaces have become a more typical part of a man's wardrobe.  Men's necklaces are definitely trending in modern times, and provide a powerful opportunity for a man to make an individual expression. 

Most Popular Trends in Men's Jewelry

Some of the most common trends in men's jewelry today involve combinations of various styles, textures and materials.  It is now far more common to wear multiple pieces of the same type of jewelry to accentuate an expression, or make a statement of personal style.  Additionally, there are definite associations to specific social stylings and groups, to which certain combinations of men's accessories demonstrate a belonging.  Some examples of this can be seen, for example, in the 'stacking' of multiple men's bracelets, where many bracelets are worn together, or even wearing them on both wrists as an expression of style and individuality.   This same type of multi-piece styling can also be seen in certain social groupings, where multiple rings are worn on several fingers.   The limitations to wearing a single piece of any given type of men's jewelry are no longer limiting factors to wearing jewelry, and men are free to wear as many pieces, and in any combination of their choosing.


Another emerging trend in men's jewelry and accessories is the use of natural materials such as hemp rope, leather, cotton and other materials.  Social and environmental consciousness is reflected in the materials chosen by many men, and also provide a softer and more natural, or organic statement.

Vintage Jewelry

The trend towards vintage men's jewelry is very clear, and is reflected in pieces that are either distressed, or purposely created with a more rustic charm.  This type of vintage styling is reflected in all the types of jewelry worn by men, from rustic rings, to vintage metal bracelets.

Thick Metal Chain Jewelry

Historically, thin necklace chains for men have been worn around the neck since the 1970's.  In more recent times, the size and thickness of men's chain jewelry has expanded significantly.  Additionally, necklace chains are no longer the only way that these accessories are worn, as an increasingly more expressive style has seen chain bracelets come to the forefront of men's style, and recent men's jewelry trends are seeing an increasing thickness and heft to these accessories.  This is often demonstrated in the music scene, where larger and more extravagant men's chains and bracelets are worn to great effect.  That said, whether taken to the extreme, or worn as a more modest, but powerful statement - thick metal chain jewelry is definitely trending, and can be styled to great effect. 

Wood, Natural Materials and Leather Jewelry

Men's jewelry is not only made of metals any longer.  While stainless steel, silver and gold, platinum or titanium jewelry continues to be popular, there is a significant trend towards accessories for men that highlights natural materials.  For example, koa wood, hemp bracelets, leather bracelets or leather necklaces for men are increasingly being worn, and the trend is growing at a significant pace.  It is no longer the purview of the surfer scene, or limited to summer festivals and so called "hippie culture".  Indeed, natural materials are an increasingly growing trend in men's jewelry.


Men's Jewelry trends have changed a great deal over the past many years, and men now have a unique freedom of opportunity to express themselves without hesitation.

If you want to know more about men's jewelry, or have any questions - feel free to get in touch with us.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the great collection of men's jewelry and men's accessories here at Effentii!



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