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The Evolution of Urban Fashion - A Journey Through Time
Urban fashion has come a long way, shaping the way people express themselves and influencing popular culture. From its humble origins to the current trends, urban fashion has evolved, reflecting the cultural and societal changes of each era. This fascinating...
From Runway to Streetwear - How High Fashion Influences Everyday Style
High fashion, also known as haute couture, is a term used to describe luxury and high-end fashion that is created by top designers and fashion houses. It represents the pinnacle of creativity and craftsmanship in the fashion industry. In this...
Fashion Forward - Upcoming Men's Fashion Trends to Watch
Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, and staying updated with the latest trends is essential for those who want to be fashion-forward. When it comes to men's fashion, there are several exciting trends that are currently making waves in the industry....
Expressing Yourself - The Rise of Gender Fluid Fashion
In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the concept of gender fluid fashion, challenging traditional notions of gender and revolutionizing the fashion industry. Gender fluid fashion goes beyond the binary constructs of male and female, allowing individuals...
Accessorize Right - The Ultimate Guide to Mens Accessories
Accessories are an essential aspect of men's fashion, allowing them to add a personal touch and elevate their overall style. From watches to hats, neckties to sunglasses, the right accessories can make a significant impact on an outfit. This comprehensive...
Style Spotlight The Resurgence of Graphic Tees
Graphic tees have been a popular fashion staple for decades and have recently made a strong comeback. Understanding the history and resurgence of graphic tees can shed light on their enduring appeal in the fashion world. The origin of graphic...
Iconic Pop Culture Moments that Defined Modern Mens Style
Pop culture has always had a significant influence on fashion and style trends, with various iconic moments shaping men's style throughout history. Exploring this dynamic relationship between pop culture and men's style reveals the impact of movies, television shows, music,...
Inclusivity in Fashion - How Brands are Breaking the Mold
Inclusivity in fashion has become a crucial topic in recent years, as the industry takes steps towards breaking traditional molds and embracing diversity. This article explores the significance of inclusivity in fashion and how brands are championing this change. Understanding...
Mix It Up: Unleash Your Style with These Fun & Trendy EFFENTII Accessory Combos
Discover the art of mixing and matching EFFENTII accessories for a unique, stylish look! Follow our fun guide to elevate your style game and make a statement this spring and summer season. Accessorize like a pro with EFFENTII!
Ultimate Guide to Accessories for Men - Something for Every Man
A complete guide to everything you want to know about accessories for men - from a men's belt, to men's rings, necklaces and more.  Check it out!
What is the Most Common Men's Ring Size?
The most common men's ring size in the US is 10 - which is measured as 19.8 mm, and is the standardized measurement for this size of men's ring. Fortunately, finding the right size for a men's ring is fairly straight forward, and this guide will assist you.
What is Tungsten Carbide - and why is it used in Men's Rings?
When people think of men's rings traditionally, they are reminded of gold or silver, and more recently even stainless steel materials.  In more recent times however, new materials have been introduced into the realm of men's jewelry, and Tungsten is often...
EFFENTII - Why We Use Less Packaging and Ship Directly to Customers

We ship our products with minimal packaging to help reduce our environmental impact. We also ship many of our products directly from our suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of our products - less travel time per package, and less energy wasted on re-warehousing and re-shipping. As we say, it's - Eco Not Ego

Men's Jewelry - Trends & Styles
Men's jewelry trends have changed dramatically over the past years, and developed from simple wedding, or class rings, to a modern man's opportunity for much greater individual self expression.  In this article we outline some of the most popular and trending styles in men's jewelry, and highlight some of this year's hottest trends. 
Effentii Polaris Men's Ring - New Arrival
This new addition to the Effentii Adventure collection, the Polaris ring is an expression of the nature of exploration that runs within the heart of every man.
Men’s Style – Bracelet Trends 2020
Men’s accessories are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, and particularly in the urban realm.  Whether it is a men’s bracelet, ring, watch or necklace, men are sporting accessories more than ever, and men’s style trends are evolving.  There is a plethora...
A Definitive Guide to Men’s Rings
In the years and decades past, the wearing of accessories for men was limited to only a certain segment. In fact, for the vast majority of men, the only ring they would wear was likely to be a wedding or...
Top 5 Men’s Jewelry & Accessories Trends for 2020
It is the small things that can really make a difference to a man’s outfit, and the jewelry and accessories we choose are the small touches that really create a big difference, and make a look ‘pop’. Whether you’re looking...
Great Mens Style for 2020 – Mens Tie Dye is Back!
Men’s tie dye style has a long and coloured history (pun intended) that is infused with spirit and vitality. Nearly every major fashion house in the world has inspired pieces in their varied collections that include some form of this...

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