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Ultimate Guide to Accessories for Men

Welcome! Are you looking for the ultimate guide to accessories for men? Look no further, because you've come to the right place! From belts and necklaces, to pocket squares, scarfs, cufflinks or hats, we'll show you how to accessorize in style. So grab your coffee (or your drink of choice!) and join us as we explore the world of men's fashion accessories.

Mens Accessories History

Accessories for men can make a bold statement and create distinctive looks, from classic to modern. Historically, accessories were used by men as a way of demonstrating their wealth, status and affiliation. It was also used to show self-confidence or to visibly symbolize their religious faith or heritage.

In the 19th century, accessories such as pocket watches, walking sticks and hats were popular among men in the middle class. In addition to demonstrating personal style, these accessories were practical tools for everyday use. These items could also add a degree of formality in more special events like weddings or funerals. The 20th century saw other mens accessories become more popular, from designer accessories to handkerchiefs, cravats and cufflinks. Mens watches continued to become progressively more stylish with improvements in quartz timekeeping technology while tie pins became fashionable after the First World War.

Today the range of mens accessories is even more expansive at both the low cost end of things right up to expensive luxury items such as designer sunglasses, exotic leather briefcases and mens jewelry that expresses individual preferences and interests. Accessories have become an extension of who we are, while still allowing us to express our own unique sense of style and making them essential items for all men’s wardrobes regardless of age or occupation.

Types of Mens Accessories

Men have a variety of accessories to choose from when selecting items for their wardrobe. These pieces not only help complete an outfit and accessorize an individual look, but also serve as a way to express oneself - something every guy will love. Accessories can range from subtle pieces such as cufflinks and bracelets, to more bold statements such as hats and bags.


Often used to accessorize suits, and come in various styles including metal, enamel or plastic varieties with a variety of patterns or designs. Bracelets can be made of metal, leather or semiprecious stones. They may contain precious gemstones or artificial gemstones. Necklaces of various lengths are also popular among men, often containing precious metals combined with other materials such as wood or plastic beads.


Men's Hats come in a variety of styles—from baseball caps to fedoras—and can add flair to a casual ensemble or dress up a suit for something more formal.


Bags help complete an outfit and provide the practicality of carrying your things around—whether that’s at work in the form of briefcases (for electronics) or backpacks (for weekend activities). From weekender bags, to backpacks and duffle bags, there is a carryall that suits every man, from the classy set, to a busy day studying - there's always a way to add some flair to your every day, even when it's something as practical as a bag to carry all your things with you.

Kicking Horse Dufflebag Teton Canvas Men's Backpack Crossbody Men's Messenger Bag


A pair of sunglasses are a stylish accessory choice for vibrant sunny days as well as inclement weather, helping protect eyes from the elements while looking good at the same time. With polarized lenses and UV protection, men's sunglasses not only look great, but help to make your every day even better by reducing harmful rays, and reducing glare for better vision outdoors.


Men's Wallets store prized essentials such as cards, coins and cash; many now come equipped with RFID blocking technology which further increases security in day-to-day transactions.


Rings for men are timeless pieces which make great additions to any wardrobe; they may contain gemstones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc., aimed at adding extra bling factor when wearing suits on special occasions such as weddings and proms.

Stone Feather Men's Ring Effentii Hammera Men's Ring Bimini Men's Stainless Steel Ring


Men's bracelets can be a subtle way for a man to make a statement, and depending on the style, it can be bold, or more subdued.


One great way to really bring your style together is with a men's belt. There is something for anyone, and whether for certain occasions that you want a more refined formal look, or a casual belt to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, belts are the perfect accessory to where around your waist and add that finishing touch to your look.


From leather backpacks, to nylon carryalls, men's backpacks are more-or-less an accessory that nearly every man should have. There are so many different types, styles and designs available and suitable for nearly any occasion. It's one of the accessories every man should own.

As you see it’s easy for men to find accessories which match their own style preferences easily amongst the wealth of options available today—whether it is formal jewelry items like cufflinks/bracelet/necklace/rings; practical travel essentials like hats/bags/sunglasses/wallets; all will add flair while contributing functionally towards completing an ensemble!

Top 10 Accessories for Men

Accessories are an important aspect of men’s fashion that can help make one look sharp and stylish. Whether it’s an elegant business meeting, a casual evening out, or just going to the office for a day of work, the right accessories can add a lot of character to any man’s wardrobe. Here is a guide to some top accessories for men:

1. Suit Accessories - Cufflinks: A timeless addition to any man’s style arsenal, cufflinks come in various styles and materials and can easily dress up any shirt or suit.

2. Bracelets: There’s nothing quite like a classic bracelet to pull together your most stylish outfits. Whether you prefer plain metal designs, beaded bracelets or leather straps with bold buckles there are plenty of options to choose from.

3. Necklaces: From casual beaded styles to statement pendant necklaces, there are lots of ways for guys to accessorize with chains and pendants that create unique looks for any occasion. Wearing a great looking and stylish necklace around your neck can accentuate collar bones and shoulders, and create a powerful addition to a man's look.

4. Hats: A good quality hat can elevate your outfits from basic looks into unique statements of style amid the crowd! Choose from classic fedoras, bomber hats, beanies or straw sun hats in solid colors or vibrant prints that look great all year-round!

5. Bags: Bags are essential items for carrying around necessary items for everyday purposes as well as travelling needs such as laptop cases and backpacks; choosing the right bag adds sophistication and convenience in equal measure!

6. Backpacks: Not just functional but fashionable too are bags; they come in various colours and sizes so they cater perfectly with business attire as well as weekend gear; opt for high-end backpacks made with quality materials such as suede leather if you need something stylish yet resilient enough to use daily!

7. Sunglasses : Style meets protection when it comes his way with sunglasses; whether rectangular frames or aviators they add a touch of luxury while keeping UV rays away!

8. Wallets : Let him put his best foot forward financially too by opting for classy wallets made from genuine leather – it will ensure durability while adding more charm each time one takes it out!

9. Rings : Symbolize tailoring perfection by having embroidered initials inscribed on ringbands… this simple embellishment adds personalization whist having the wearer stand out amidst others!

10. Briefcases : Like rings briefcases are essential but also add utmost elegance when styled correctly; whether laptop carriers or standard briefcase choose uni-tones designs that complements both formal and casual outfits handsomely!

Trending Accessories for Men

From rugged frames to new style statements, men’s accessories are trending, and there are a variety of items you can choose from to express your individual style. Whether it’s wearing stainless steel bangles as an added touch of class, or yearning for some eye-catching jewelry that will make heads turn, there are accessories that every man can enjoy. To help you get inspired, we look at the must-have items, top trends and essential accessories and how you can use them to accessorize any outfit:

Pendant necklaces for men

Pendant necklaces have become increasingly popular over recent years, and this trend is set to remain strong. Popular pendants range from simple bars with cubic zirconia stones through to intricate designs and patterns to spark interest and conversation. To really take your outfit to next-level style, wear a pendant necklace with your favorite t-shirt or dress shirt for a simple, but powerful statement that will make you look fantastic.

RFID blocking wallets

These wallets provide protection against identity theft by preventing thieves from accessing the data on cards placed inside the wallet. They’re also designed to be both stylish and functional, so you don’t need to sacrifice fashion when going for practicality. A classic black or brown leather wallet gives a classic look that won't date easily while being versatile enough to match most wardrobe options.

Polarized sunglasses

For those who want add an edge, polarized lenses are the way to go! Sun hater polarized sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that perfectly fits your style while offering protection against UV rays and allowing you to see clearly even in bright light conditions. Look out for pairs with tinted lenses which will be great all day whether it's sunny outside or not! Getting a pair of shades around your eyes is not only perfect for protecting you from harmful UV and glare, but it'll also make you look spectacular!

Tungsten rings

Tungsten rings offer excellent durability because tungsten carbide is one of the strongest metals on earth – making it ideal as an accessory choice if you are constantly on the go or require something tough enough that stands up over time without scratching or denting easily! Despite its strength, tungsten still offers great flexibility thanks to its scratch resistance design which makes it easy to size adjust like any other ring material. With various finishes including matte polished, brushed rose gold and classic black – there cannot be any greater variety of looks than what is offered with tungsten rings! Whether you wear one ring, or multiple on different fingers, mens tungsten rings are great value for money, and will up your style game immensely.

Stainless Steel Rings

Whether it's a signet ring, or an edgy biker ring, accessories make a brilliant visual impact. Men have worn rings for centuries, though modern times provide an opportunity for expression like never before, and stainless steel rings for men are a fantastic addition to the menswear 'box of tricks' that you can't go wrong wearing!

Beaded men's bracelets

When considering timeless accessories that never fail an outfit then bracelets should always come first! Beaded bracelets are unique pieces that bring out individuality while remaining chic at all times - perfect if you don't feel comfortable overloading your wrist with multiple pieces of jewelry at once! Available in both casual styles such as colorful strings/cords mixed together as well as more formal looks using beads on silver chains (like rope chains) - regardless of your choices and preferences when mixing beads together - these designs still remain bold yet contemporary pieces everyone can enjoy wearing no matter their age or style preference!

Men's leather bags

Whether going out traveling abroad or just carrying documents around town – having a good quality bag can brighten up look instantly even if details don't actually stand out from far away glances (like color variations). As far as quality fabrics go: Leather has no equal here since not only does its classic texture not get dated quickly, but also provides wears better over time, compared newer synthetic materials and alternatives.  That being said leather bags generally cost come at a more premium price, though their classic styling, durability and longevity often make such purchases worth while.

How to Wear Men's Accessories

Savvy and stylish men know that accessories are the key to completing their look. Whether it’s your everyday suit or a special occasion, the right accessories can really pull together an outfit and ensure you look smart, polished, and put-together. At first glance, the world of men’s accessories can appear confusing; so we have prepared a guide outlining how to wear some of the most popular men's accessories for all occasions.

Cufflinks: For semi-formal and formal occasions, there is no better way to complete your look than with cufflinks. Choose something that adds a bit of shimmer and sparkle from classic silver or gold to bold statement pieces in unique shape. Cufflinks require specific types of cuffs in order to wear properly, so make sure you shop for the perfect shirt to match.

Bracelets: Today's modern man isn't shy about wearing jewelry - leather, steel chain or link bracelets are great for any casual daywear when worn with jeans or chinos for a fashion-forward style upgrade. In a modern world, bracelets can be worn any time, and it's quite common to wear multiple bracelets together for a super stylish effect, so don't be shy to layer your bracelets and try out different looks for different occasions.

Necklaces: Necklaces can add edge to any ensemble – just be sure not to overdo it! Opt for simple chain necklaces that don't draw too much attention away from your face, such as those in gold or silver tones.

Hats: Hats can be both fashionable elements, as well as practical – especially if you're heading out on a rainy day! Fedora hats and flat caps will never fail you whether going with jeans, or in business attire.

Bags & Backpacks: Whether you're heading out on weekend adventures or taking some reading material to the office whilst commuting, having the perfect bag can really elevate your chosen look. Leather bags will go hand in hand with more formally tailored work looks but if entertaining yourself after hours opt for backpacks in more relaxed styles - denim small bags are great weekend go-tos!

Sunglasses & Wallets: When out running errands about town, simple sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but also sharpen up casual ensembles – for busy days try metal versions teamed with a casual blazer for added chicness factor . As far as wallets go – slimline leather wallets are perfect choices!

Rings: Men don’t have many options when it comes to accessorizing their hands beyond watch wearing while women have multiple rings they send them easily put on as they suit their outfits best but this shouldn't stop any man from trying on at least one ring per outfit lovingly worn by thumb or middle finger depending of which adjusts better – solid rings in gold tone with accents of diamonds over them are great alternative when looking something more dressed up yet still wearable daily basis .

Conclusion - Take Your Style to the Next Level

No matter the type of accessory, or the look you are going for, EFFENTII offers a great variety to choose from, with top quality and style that is sure to impress. If you're looking for something to make you look dapper for a date, or a casual piece to accentuate your outfit for a night out, every man should start wearing something fantastic to spark their style game to new levels.

At EFFENTII, we offer free worldwide shipping on all orders, so no matter what you're wearing, you're going to love our selection of pieces for every season, every occasion, and every moment - there's a style that's perfect for everyone. Shop men's accessories at EFFENTII. For more information about men's accessories, check out our other articles and information about all the accessories people are looking for today. Get your men's accessories online with EFFENTII. Check it out - great style is always a good idea!



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