What is the Most Common Men's Ring Size?


What is the Most Common Men's Ring Size?

When shopping for a men's ring, it is helpful to know the most common men's ring size, among other important facts in order to make the best choice. Knowing the right size is, for obvious reasons, going to make all the difference, but also to ensure the most comfortable wear, and providing the assurance that the ring will not fall off, or fit too loosely.  Fortunately, finding the right size for a men's ring is fairly straight forward, and with a little guidance about ring sizing, and knowing the most common men's ring size, you can shop with confidence.

What is the Most Common Men's Ring Size?

The most common men's ring size in the US is 10 - which is measured as 19.8 mm, and is the standardized measurement for this size of men's ring.  Conventional thinking and experience also notes that for most men, their ring finger on their dominant hand is about a half size larger than their other hand.  You can find more details on all men's ring sizes in our guide to men's ring sizes.  The range of sizes for men's rings is broad, and there is a size available for nearly every man with sizes ranging from 7 to 15.

An Overview of Men's Ring Sizes

The chart below outlines the sizes, designation and diameter measurements for each size of men's ring.

Circumference (mm)
Europe / ISO
Diameter (mm) USA / Canada UK / Australia Asia Switzerland
44.2 14.1 3 F 4 4
44.8 14.3 F-1/2 5 5-1/4
45.5 14.5 3-1/2 G
46.1 14.7 G-1/2 6 6-1/2
46.8 14.9 4 H 7
47.4 15.1 H-1/2 7-3/4
48.0 15.3 4-1/2 I 8
48.7 15.5 J 9
49.3 15.7 5 J-1/2 9
50.0 15.9 K 10
50.6 16.1 5-1/2 K-1/2 10
51.2 16.3 L 11-3/4
51.9 16.5 6 L-1/2 11 12-3/4
52.5 16.7 M 12
53.1 16.9 6-1/2 M-1/2 13 14
53.8 17.1 N
54.4 17.3 7 N-1/2 14 15-1/4
55.1 17.5 O
55.7 17.7 7-1/2 O-1/2 15 16-1/2
56.3 17.9 P
57.0 18.1 8 P-1/2 16 17-3/4
57.6 18.3 Q
58.3 18.5 8-1/2 Q-1/2 17
58.9 18.8 R 19
59.5 19.0 9 R-1/2 18
60.2 19.2 S 20-1/4
60.8 19.4 9-1/2 S-1/2 19
61.4 19.6 T 21-1/2
62.1 19.8 10 T-1/2 20
62.7 20.0 U 21
63.4 20.2 10-1/2 U-1/2 22 22-3/4
64.0 20.4 V
64.6 20.6 11 V-1/2 23
65.3 20.8 W 25
65.9 21.0 11-1/2 W-1/2 24
66.6 21.2 X
67.2 21.4 12 X-1/2 25 27-1/2
67.8 21.6 Y
68.5 21.8 12-1/2 Z 26 28-3/4
69.1 22.0 Z-1/2
69.7 22.2 13 27
70.4 22.4 Z + 1
71.0 22.6 13-1/2

How to Measure Men's Ring Sizes

There are a number of easy ways to get an accurate measurement of a men's ring size.  The obvious, and likely most easy, is to simply go to a jeweler and ask to be measured, but there are other easy ways to get an accurate measurement without visiting a local men's jewelry store, and this is particularly important if you are buying a gift!

Method 1 - Using and Existing Ring as Reference

Either using a ring that the man already owns, or having him try on one that is available.  As they say, "if the shoe fits"... well, if the ring fits, and you know its size (which is sometimes written on the inside of the ring), then you have the men's ring size and all the information you need.  Alternatively, if you have a ring caliper, or can take a ring that you know fits him and have it measured at a men's jewellery store - then, you have your answer.

Method 2 - Measuring Finger Diameter

This technique is the most simple and direct method to measure a men's ring size, and can be done at home without any special tools.  All you really need is a piece of paper, or a string and a ruler or measuring tool.

Most Common Men's Ring Size

To complete the measuring, simply cut a piece of paper, or a string roughly a few inches long.  It should be long enough to wrap around the man's finger, but doesn't need to be too long, or it will be a bit awkward to work with.  Then, just wrap the paper or string around the finger, being mindful of its fit - not too tight, but not too loose, and then mark it with a pen where the two ends cross.   To see this done - here's a great video on how to measure your ring size accurately.

Method 3 - Using a Finger/Ring Sizing Tool

The more basic of these tools are very inexpensive to purchase, and are available

What is the Most Common Men's Ring Size?

from multiple online retailers.  They come in different forms, though the least expensive is a simple plastic set, which is normally held together by a small loop, similar to a keychain.  You can use this to measure your men's ring size, trying each one over his finger until you find the one that fits most appropriately.  A number will be written on the ring that fits, and you can record that and use it as reference when purchasing a men's ring.   An example of such a tool is illustrated below.


Method 4 - Visit a Men's Jewelry Store

This is probably the most obvious, and for many also the easiest way to know a men's ring size.  Simply walk into any men's jewelry store, and as for a sizing - the process takes only a moment, and most retailers will be happy to help out, though it's always good form to take some time to appreciate their products while there.  Who knows, maybe you'll find the perfect ring for yourself or the man you're shopping for.

Men's Ring Sizes - Other Factors

While it may be possible to find the perfect size for a men's ring, there are additional factors that can impact the fit overall.  If a ring is very wide, for example, versus very thin - the way it looks on the finger is vastly different.  The best "Fit" does not always mean how it physically sits on a man's finger, but also whether it fits his style, preference and character.

Some factors that effect the feeling of the fit and size of a men's ring:

Ring Width - while a ring size may be accurate, and fit snuggly and comfortably on the man's finger.  The width of the ring can impact it's overall comfort, and of course, also how it looks when worn.  These types of things are largely subjective, but the perception of fit can often be as important as the physical dimensions and technical fit of a men's ring.

Ring Material - some materials, and some alloys are uncomfortable for certain people.  Additionally, if a particular material is not appealing to the man wearing it, there will always be a lingering discomfort with the fit, regardless of how perfectly it actually fits.

Ring Color - if a ring is very bright, or really stands out, or if it is muted and blends more subtly on a man's finger, all of these things play some role in the perceived comfort and fit of a ring. 

Ring Shape - men's rings come in a myriad range of shapes, each with their own artistic flair and expression.  Some men may enjoy, or look for more dramatic stylings, while others may prefer more muted and understated expressions.  Either way, matching the "fit" of a man's style preference to the ring itself is an important part of finding the perfect fit for a mens' rings.


The most common men's ring size is 10, and this is clearly noted broadly by various jewelers and professionals in the US.  Sizing a ring for men is a fairly straightforward process that can be done at home with simple tools, or by visiting a local men's jewelry store for assistance.  Either way, finding the best fit for a men's ring involves also choosing the right materials, colors, size and shape of a ring, to ensure you find the perfect piece.



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