EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring
EFFENTII Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring

Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring

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Redefine Your Style with EFFENTII

Embrace a bold, fearless approach to fashion with the Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring. This isn't just a piece of jewelry - it's an emblem of individuality. It captures the spirit of adventure and the drive for uniqueness, all wrapped up in a stunning stainless steel spiral that's certain to leave a lasting impression. The high-quality construction ensures it can withstand your daily adventures while maintaining its eye-catching allure. This ring is more than an accessory - it's a statement. Dare to be different with EFFENTII.

Effortlessly Stylish

This brilliant ring for men effortlessly blurs the lines between rugged charm and sophisticated style. Fashioned from high-quality stainless steel, this striking ring displays an impressive spiral design that is both visually compelling and deeply symbolic. The design is a nod to the Celtic Triskele symbol, representing progress, personal growth, and forward thinking. With its robust construction and intricate design, this ring is the ultimate expression of style for the modern man.

Make A Bold Statement

The power of a well-chosen accessory cannot be underestimated, and this ring is the perfect example. Worn as a statement piece, it adds an edge to any outfit, whether casual or formal. The ring's resilient stainless steel construction ensures it's designed to last, while the unique spiral design guarantees it will never go unnoticed. Embrace the extraordinary and let your style speak for you with the Spiral Triskelion Men's Ring.

Free Global Shipping - EFFENTII's Gift to You

What's better than finding a piece that perfectly matches your style? Getting it shipped for free, of course! At EFFENTII, we believe in delivering not just high-quality men's accessories, but also in providing a seamless shopping experience. So, we offer free global shipping on all orders. Enjoy the convenience of shopping from wherever you are, at no extra cost.

Join the EFFENTII Man Style Revolution

Looking to further elevate your style? Why not check out our Men's Rings collection? With a diverse selection of meticulously crafted rings, we're sure you'll find more pieces that resonate with your style. Dive in and discover your next fashion statement with EFFENTII!


Ring Materials: High Quality Stainless Steel
Ring Width: 0.88mm (0.28 inches)

International Ring Size Chart

We use US/Canadian size information for our men's rings.  Feel free to use this sizing chart to ensure you have the perfect fit.  If you are unsure of your ring size, be sure to check out our easy-to-use guide that explains how to measure your finger.  It is very easy, and takes only a few minutes - check out our guide here.

Circumference (mm)
Europe / ISO
Diameter (mm) USA / Canada UK / Australia Asia Switzerland
44.2 14.1 3 F 4 4
44.8 14.3 F-1/2 5 5-1/4
45.5 14.5 3-1/2 G
46.1 14.7 G-1/2 6 6-1/2
46.8 14.9 4 H 7
47.4 15.1 H-1/2 7-3/4
48.0 15.3 4-1/2 I 8
48.7 15.5 J 9
49.3 15.7 5 J-1/2 9
50.0 15.9 K 10
50.6 16.1 5-1/2 K-1/2 10
51.2 16.3 L 11-3/4
51.9 16.5 6 L-1/2 11 12-3/4
52.5 16.7 M 12
53.1 16.9 6-1/2 M-1/2 13 14
53.8 17.1 N
54.4 17.3 7 N-1/2 14 15-1/4
55.1 17.5 O
55.7 17.7 7-1/2 O-1/2 15 16-1/2
56.3 17.9 P
57.0 18.1 8 P-1/2 16 17-3/4
57.6 18.3 Q
58.3 18.5 8-1/2 Q-1/2 17
58.9 18.8 R 19
59.5 19.0 9 R-1/2 18
60.2 19.2 S 20-1/4
60.8 19.4 9-1/2 S-1/2 19
61.4 19.6 T 21-1/2
62.1 19.8 10 T-1/2 20
62.7 20.0 U 21
63.4 20.2 10-1/2 U-1/2 22 22-3/4
64.0 20.4 V
64.6 20.6 11 V-1/2 23
65.3 20.8 W 25
65.9 21.0 11-1/2 W-1/2 24
66.6 21.2 X
67.2 21.4 12 X-1/2 25 27-1/2
67.8 21.6 Y
68.5 21.8 12-1/2 Z 26 28-3/4
69.1 22.0 Z-1/2
69.7 22.2 13 27
70.4 22.4 Z + 1
71.0 22.6 13-1/2

We offer free shipping globally on all of our products. We aim to reduce our environmental impact by reducing the number of shipments our products have before arriving to our customers. Rather than shipping to multiple warehouses globally, and increasing the carbon footprint of each product, we ship with minimal packaging, and often direclty from our suppliers.

Our products may be shipped either directly by Effentii, or from our global distrutors and suppliers. Any orders made may be delivered in separate packages, and a single order may be delivered in multiple parts.

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Reduced Packaging

We ship our products with minimal packaging to help reduce our environmental impact. We also ship many of our products directly from our suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of our products - less travel time per package, and less energy wasted on re-warehousing and re-shipping. As we say, it's - Eco Not Ego

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