Great Mens Style for 2020 – Mens Tie Dye is Back!


Great Mens Style for 2020 – Mens Tie Dye is Back!


Men’s tie dye style has a long and coloured history (pun intended) that is infused with spirit and vitality. Nearly every major fashion house in the world has inspired pieces in their varied collections that include some form of this brilliant and vibrant style, and 2020 is one year in which tie dye is taking on new levels of sophistication. Even Starbucks has taken to offering tie dye to their customers in recent times, offering multi-colored tie dye inspired menu items.

It is no longer all rainbows and unicorns however, and this year men are rockin’ tie dye styles that range from sophisticated to edgy, and the ultimate in trendy. 

What is Tie Dye

The history of tie dye is written about in various places, though one of the most popularly referenced examples of tie dye’s origin is from the early part of the 20th century, in reference to groups of people having “tied-and-died” their fabrics.  In simplest terms, Tie Dye is the process of wrapping and tieing (or tying) a garment of fabric, perhaps including knots, and then soaking portions of the fabric in different liquid dyes. After sitting or some time, the fabric is then washed to remove the remaining excess dye, and the resultant garment/fabric is transformed with brilliant shapes, colors and blends that are as remarkable as they are inspiring.

Men’s Tie Dye Trends

As mentioned earlier, tie dye is not a new style by any means, but as has often been said, “what is old is new again”. The tie dye ‘look’ is making a resurgence, and while it may not be reflected in the ultra-bright or brash colors of days gone by, newer more muted tones are certainly being used to new and wonderful effect, as are unique techniques that result in very fashionable designs that definitely meet with modern sensibilities. Urban wear has a new flair, and tie dye is making a bold statement.


Whether being worn for a day out, a statement of street style, or underneath a blazer for a more casual formal look – tie dye has a comfortable place in nearly every scene. We are excited by the development, and the fact that each piece of tie dye is unique, makes this fashion trend as individual as the man who wears it!

Tie dye is back – and the new looks are as hot as ever!

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